Brand Services

Sand Circus offers 4 core services 

1. Unique Talent Sourcing & Facilitation

  • We find the right talents for your brand, product or service.

  • We source the faces you know, but also the untapped talents you don’t yet know.

  • We facilitate the agreements with them, from rates, to logistics, to ensuring full completion of the deliverables.

3. Talent Selection Consultation

For a pre-selected talent list you provide, we assess their reputation in the market, analyze their profile statistics and determine whether they are a fit for the brand or campaign.

2. Talent Campaign Development

We develop an end-to-end influencer campaign concept & marketing strategy. We also source the talents & facilitate the execution of the campaign. 

4. Saudi Market Expertise Consultation

We provide deep insights on the Saudi market across multiple industries, identifying key opportunities, relevant events to take part in & unique ways to engage with the target audience.


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